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About Electrotemp Technologies

Electrotemp is a Canadian company that manufactures water coolers for the global market.

We are an OEM manufacturer that produce many of the top quality global brands, from American across the world to the Japanese.

Our Canadian engineering has led to the development of many patented water cooler technologies that have expanded the range of products available in the water cooler market.

We developed the bottom loading water cooler, as well as other useful technologies like extremely precise cold and hot temperature control, and self cleaning throughout the water cooler.

The area where we are strongest, other than innovation, is in building long lasting, reliable products. We have far more testing stations in our factory than others in the industry. We use many different testing techniques to make sure that the welds are done correctly, all the tubes tested for leaking, tested for sound, taste, heating, cooling and many other components.

We have invented specialized technology to expand the lifespan of the water cooler, through different cooling and heating technologies, to specialized constructions techniques.

We supply our products in every global area. Our product range varies from budget priced items, to top end products.

We offer perhaps the largest selection of water coolers in the world. Our variations are not just cosmetic; we've designed products suitable for every type of use. We have water coolers suitable for small as well as large spaces; for low use as well as full heavy use, such as schools and worksites.

We have fridge and water cooler hybrids, coffee and water cooler hybrids, water coolers for tropical heat conditions, water cooler for high altitude areas, and many other products. Please contact us with your needs, and we will be happy to help

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